Some academic honors research at national and international level

  • Success and won the tournament programming in the country, headed by Ali Nourollah, 1384
  • Success and won in international robotic competitions, Germany, 2006.
  • Use classification to classify complex biological signals, research projects, R.Ebrahimpur, 1391.
  • Combined with an emphasis on diversity and Mrkbsazy learning to classify, research projects, R.Ebrahimpur, 1392.
  • Basic human visual system modeling, project management, R.Ebrahimpur, 1393.
  • Making the robot intelligent routing, 1384.
  • Professor of the University, R. Ebrahimpur, 1392.
  • Top Researcher University, R. Ebrahimpur, 1390 and 1392
  • Praiseworthy University researcher, R.Ebrahimpour, 1391 and 1393
  • Mdan head of the Federation of Iran, R.Ebrahimpour doctor in 1394.
  • Praiseworthy University researcher, M. Safikhany, 1394