History Department of Computer Engineering

Secretary Shahid Rajai was teaching activities in the field of computer experts training courses, associate and bachelor students and batch acceptance as an important part of “Public Power” was launched in 1360. In addition to construction and development laboratory and workshop at the university level, proceed to the establishment and laboratory and workshop spaces in other professional and has technical school. This collection of industry training courses in factories, cooperation in research, development and review of technical and vocational textbooks, course units, as well as developing educational programs in the Supreme Council for Planning of the Ministry of Science, has done valuable services. In 1378, the school’s first postgraduate studies in computer science orientation held software. Also in 1383, coinciding with the official change of name to “electrical and computer engineering” in both approaches to admissions Computer Engineering and Information Technology’s hardware. In addition, since 1387 accepting undergraduate students of 1388 batch engineering software technology and computer engineering students admitted to the tendency of software is done. Since 1391 a master’s degree in computer engineering admission in the college orientation program will be carried out. Finally, in 1393, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering, University of separate collection and “Computer Engineering” was established .

  • in order to attract new faculty, current faculty members has increased to 12 people.
  • Department of Computer Engineering of the Department of software, computer system architecture (hardware) of continuous undergraduate and postgraduate groups in the software and artificial intelligence.
  • The number of articles published in scientific journals by the Department of Scientific Research in the Department of Computer EngineeringArticle 5 (ISI)Article 3 Domestic and International Scientific Conference of article 16 and article numbers 8 article is the national scientific conferences.