SRTTU and TCEO developed a flexible, online platform for further training of construction engineers

Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University (SRTTU) is collaborating with Tehran Construction Engineering Organization (TCEO) to develop a flexible and online platform for further training of construction engineers.


In order to facilitate continuity of educational services during covid-19 pandemic, SRTTU expand its Learning Management System (LMS) to offer 1200 online courses and provide training to 7000 students. Also SRTTU developed standards and quality framework for the online content and evaluation methods in each course.


Having this experience, collaboration with TCEO became possible to develop flexible and online further training program for construction engineers. TCEO has the responsibility to provide further training of about 110000 construction engineers in tehran, the capital of Iran and is a role models for all construction engineers in different provinces of the country.


“The quality of training, consistency of service and sophisticated learning management system are the most important issues for online further training programs.” Said Hamed Manifard the head of office for national construction regulations.


At the moment, SRTTU is able to offer 10 topics on online further training platform for TCEO including:
* step by step supervision of gas piping installation
* Design of advanced HVAC systems
* CARRIER Software
* Technical drawing for mechanical installation
* Absorption chillers and their application for CCHP cycles


SRTTU is working intensively to develop content for new topics and new target groups including TVET Teacher and TVET Students.


More detailed information could be found in the following address: