Iran’s Minister of Science and Technology There is no Disruption in Scientific Cooperation between Iran, Russia

Dr. Mansour Gholami, Minister of Science, Research and Technology, noted that the current situation in the world would disrupt neither bilateral interactions and cooperation, particularly scientific ones, between Iran and Russia nor the expansion of cooperation among researchers, professors and officials of the two countries.

He said at the fifth meeting of the presidents of the top universities of Iran and Russia, “Cooperation between Iran and Russia, especially scientific cooperation, is very important for sustainable development in the production of scientific and knowledge-based products in the country and the region.”

The Minister also pointed to the increasing scientific and research relations between the two countries in recent years. He stated that it seems that with the shrinking global economy, the production and exchange of science in the world would be affected. Along with industries of science, tourism, and important sporting events, student exchange would also be affected, and the number of joint projects, joint scientific courses, student exchanges, joint papers, and joint study courses would be dramatically reduced.

The Minister of Science, Research, and Technology stated that it is now the opportunity to think deeply about the existing infrastructure in the field of science and technology cooperation for the post-Corona period.