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Department of Humanities was separated from the Faculty of Sciences In 2001, and by the integration with the Faculty of Physical Education start to work with the Title of: Faculty of Humanities and Physical Education.

The School was separated from the Faculty of Physical Education in 2009 and at the same year, the Faculty of Humanities began to work as an independent college.

Now Faculty of Humanities consists of four groups: English Language, Persian Language and Literature, Education and Islamic Education.

This Faculty accepts students in the fields of teaching English, Persian Literature,  Religious education and Arabic, Educational issues and Social Sciences.

Graduate courses of the Faculty are 8 master’s degree in English education, Theology, Philosophy, Quran science, Educational administration, Educational psychology, Curriculum, School psychology and Persian literature.

Faculty of Humanities accepts students in PhD for Word fields and Curricula, since 2012.

Some Academic Honors at National & International Level



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