Nastaran Vasegh

Assistant Professor

Research Interests:

  • Control of Delayed System
  • Nonlinear Control
  • Bifurcation & Chaos

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. In Control Engineering, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, 2008.
  • M.Sc. In Control Engineering, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, 2004.

Journal Papers

  1. Ghaderi, Ali, and Nastaran Vasegh. “Input–Output Stabilizing Controller Synthesis for SISO T–S Fuzzy Systems by Applying Large Gain Theorem.”International Journal of Fuzzy Systems: 1-7 (accepted).
  2. Hashemipour, Syed Hamid, Nastarn Vasegh, and Ali Khaki Sedigh. “Decentralized MRAC for Large Scale Systems with Input and State Delays.” The Modares Journal of Electrical Engineering 12.3 (2015): 33-39.
  3. Nobakhti, Ensieh, Ali Khaki-Sedigh, and Nastaran Vasegh. “Control of Multichaotic Systems Using the Extended OGY Method.” International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 25.08 (2015): 1550096.
  4. Boroujeni, Forough Rezaei, Nastaran Vasegh, and Ali Khaki Sedigh. “Control of Cardiac Arrhythmia by Nonlinear Spatiotemporal Delayed Feedback.”International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 24.11 (2014): 1450140.
  5. Farokhi Moghadam, Hassan , and Nastaran Vasegh. “Robust PID stabilization of linear neutral time-delay systems.” International Journal of Computers Communications & Control 9.2 (2014): 201-208.
  6. Shakibjoo, Ali Dokht, and Nastaran Vasegh. “Method for Analytically Obtaining Reset Ratio in Non-Minimum Phase Systems with PI+ CI Controller in order to Improve Performance.“International Journal of Mechatronics, Electrical and Computer Technology, 4.13 (2014) , 1880-1899.
  7. Fattahi, Maryam, Nastaran Vasegh, and Hamid Reza Momeni. “Stabilization of a class of nonlinear discrete time systems with time varying delay.Journal of Central South University 21.10 (2014): 3769-3776.
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  20. Vasegh, Nastaran, and Vahid Johari Majd. “Adaptive fuzzy synchronization of discrete-time chaotic systems.Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 28.4 (2006): 1029-1036.

Conference Papers


  1. M KhaliliKhah, N Vasegh, (2015, May) Robust PID design for automatic voltage regulator system, 24’th Iranian Electrical Engineering Conf., Shiraz, Iran, 2015.
  2. S Ghaderi, N Vasegh, R Ghandehari, R. (2013, October). Fuzzy pitch angle control of wind hybrid turbine: To power quality improvement. In Information, Communication and Automation Technologies (ICAT), 2013 XXIV International Symposium on (pp. 1-5). IEEE.
  3. E Sarshari, N Vasegh, M. Khaghani, S. Dousti, (2013, November). Sliding Mode Control in Ziegler’s Pendulum With Tracking Force: Novel Modeling Considerations. In ASME 2013 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (pp. V04BT04A062-V04BT04A062). American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
  4. N Vasegh, A Ghaderi, (2012, October). Stabilizing a class of nonlinear systems by applying large gain theorem. In System Theory, Control and Computing (ICSTCC), 2012 16th International Conference on (pp. 1-4). IEEE.
  5. N Vasegh, “Chaos control by extended delayed feedback” ۱۹’th Iranian Electrical Engineering Conf., Tehran, 2011.
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  8. S Attar Sharghi, N Vasegh, MR Jahed Motlagh, AK Sedigh “Chaos control of cardiac arrhythmic with delayed feedback “, ۱۷′ st Iranian Electrical Engineering Conf, Tehran, 2009.
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  10. N Vasegh, AK Sedigh, “Delayed Feedback Control of Delayed Chaotic Systems: Numerical Analysis of Bifurcation“, Sixth EUROMECH Nonlinear Dynamics Conference, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2008.
  11. F Khellat, N Vasegh, “Analysis and optimal control of linear time varying systems via the linear Legendre mother wavelets“, XVI System Science Conference, Wroclaw, Poland, 2007. Selected as a one of the best paper (published in System Science Journal)
  12. N Vasegh, “Stochastic stabilizability and control for discrete-time jump linear systems with time delay by output feedback“, Abstract accepted, XIII System Science Conference, Wroclaw, Poland, 2004.
  13. N Vasegh, MJ Yazdanpanah, “Fault detection and isolation on flexible-joint manipulators“, ECC 2003, September 2003, UK.
  14. N Vasegh, AK Sedigh, “Stabilizing of MIMO time delayed systems with continuous pole placement method “, (in Persion), 12 th Iranian Electrical Engineering Conf, Mashhad, 2003.

Research Projects

  1.  Chaos synchronization of delayed Henon map with time varying delay.
  2. Robust PID control of automatic voltage regulators with considering feedback delay.


There is no book.

Courses Taught

Ph. D. Courses

  1. Chaos Theory and Control, (2009), Research & Science Branch, Islamic Azad University.
  2. Applied Mathematical Analysis in Control, (2008, 2010) TMU, K. N. Toosi U.
  3. Control Theory, (2012, 2014), PMU.
  4. Advance nonlinear control (2013), PMU.

Ms c Courses

  1. Nonlinear Control
  2. Control of MIMO systems
  3. Advanced Engineering Math.
  4. Optimal Control
  5. System Identification

Under Graduate Courses

  1. Linear Control
  2. Signals & Systems
  3. Electrical Circuit I
  4. Electrical Measurement
  5. Modern Control
  6. Differential Equations
  7. Microprocessors