Mahmood Seifouri

Associate Professor

  • Telephone: 009821229700-60
  • Fax: 00982122970033
  • Department of Electronic Engineering


Research Interests:

2Fiber optics
3Photonic & Photonic crystal Devices

Educational Background

Ph.D. In OptoelectronicsUWCC, UK1989
B.S in Electronic Eng.UWCC, UK1985

Professional Background

1Head of Depart.srttu2013-2018
2Faculty membersrttu2006-Now

Journal Paper

  • S.Olyaee, M. Seifouri, E. Azimi, V. Dhasarathan “Design and Numerical Analysis of an All-optical 4-channel Power Splitter in E, S, C, L, and U Bands via Nano-line Defects in Photonic Crystal”  Journal of optical communications, 2018
  • Fallahi, M. Seifouri, “Design of a high-quality optical filter based on 2D photonic crystal ring resonator for WDM systems” Journal of optical communications, 2018
  • Fallahi, M. Seifouri, “Design of an Improved Optical Filter Based on Dual-Curved PCRR for WDM Systems” Journal of Optoelectronical Nanostructures,Vol:2, No:3, 2017 pp. 45-55
  • Seifouri , V. Fallahi, S. Olyaee, “Ultra-high-Q optical filter based on photonic crystal ring resonator” Photonic Network Communications (Springer), Vol:35, Issue:2, 2017, pp.225-230
  • Fallahi, M. Seifouri, “A new design of a 4-channel optical demultiplexer based on photonic crystal ring resonator using a modified Y-branch” OPTICA APPLICATA, 2017
  • Seifouri, P. Amiri, A. Dadras, “A Transimpedance Amplifier for Optical Communication Network Based on Active Voltage-Current Feedback” Microelectronics journal(Elsevier) , Vol:67, 2017, pp. 25-31
  • Fallahi, M. Seifouri, S. Olyaee, H. Alipour- Banaei, “Four-channel optical demultiplexer based on hexagonal photonic crystal ring resonators” Optical Review (Springer) , Vol:24, 2017, pp. 605-610
  • Seifouri, S. Olyaee, M. Dekamin, R. Karami, “Dispersion compensation in optical transmission systems using high negative dispersion halcogenide/silica hybrid microstructured optical fiber” Optical Review (Springer), Vol:24, 2017, pp. 318-324
  • Alizadeh, M. seifouri, “Dispersion engineering of highly nonlinear rib waveguide for mid-infrared super continuum generation” OPTIK (Elsevier), Vol: 140, 2017, pp. 233-238
  • Seifouri, R. Sharaf, “Symmetric metal nanogratings and horned shape extended pads to enhance light transmission of plasmonic metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector” Opt Quant Electron, Vol: 49, Issue: 4, 2017, pp. 1-13
  • Karimi, M. seifouri, S. Olyaee, M. Chitsazian, M. Alizadeh, “Numerical analysis of a circular chalcogenide/silica hybridnanostructured photonic cyistal fiber for the purpose of dispersion compensasion” Int.j.numer.model, Vol: 30, Issue: 3, 2017, pp. 1-11
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  • Seifouri, S. Olyaee, R. Karami, “A New Design of As2Se3 Chalcogenide Nanostructured Photonic Crystal Fiber for the Purpose of Supercontinuum Generation” Current Nanoscience, Vol:13, Issue: 2, 2017, pp. 202-207
  • Olyaee, M. Seifouri, A. Nikousohbat, “Hexagonal-circular and square-hexagonal index-guiding photonic crystal fiber” The Romanian Review Precision Mechanics, Optics & Mechatronics, Issue: 49, 2016, pp. 13-18
  • Rakideh, M. Seifouri, M.Amiri, “A folded cascade-based broad band transimpedance amplifier for optical communication systems” Microelectronics journal (Elsevier), Vol: 54, 2016, pp. 1-8
  • Mohsenirad, S. Olyaee, M. Seifouri, “Design of a new two-dimensional optical biosensor using photonic crystal waveguides and a nanocavity” PLM, Vol: 5, Issue: 1, 2016, pp. 51-56
  • Olyaee, M. Seifouri, H. Mohsenirad, “Label-free detection of glycated haemoglobin in human blood using silicon-based photonic crystal nanocavity biosensor” Journal of Modern optics, Vol:63 Issue: 13, 2016, pp. 1274-1279
  • Seifouri, M. Dekamin S. Olyaee, “A new circular chalcogenide/silica hybrid microstructured opticalfiber with high negative dispersion for the purpose of dispersion compensation” OPTIK, Vol:126, Issue: 21, 2015, pp. 3093-3098
  • Seifouri, P.Amiri, M.Rakideh, “Design of broadband transimpedance amplifier for optical communication systems” , Microelectronics Journal (Elsevier), Vol: 46 , Issue: 8,  pp.  679–684, 2015
  • Olyaee, M. Seifouri, A. Nikoosohbat, Shams Esfand Abadi. “Low Nonlinear Effects Index-Guiding Nanostructured Photonic Crystal Fiber” , International Journal of Chemical, Nuclear, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering , Vol:9 No:2, 2015
  • Seifouri, S. Olyaee, M. Dekamin, “A New Design of As2Se3 Chalcogenide Glass Photonic Crystal Fiber with Ultra-Flattened Dispersion in Mid-Infrared Wavelength Range” Majlesi Journal of Electrical Engineering, 2014
  • Amiri, Kouhestani, M. Seifouri, THD Analysis in closed loop analog PWM class-D amplifiers” , JECEI, 2014
  • Seifouri, S. Olyaee, M. Dekamin, “Chalcogenide As2Se3 multi cladding microstructured optical fiber with high nonlinearity and flattened dispersion in mid-infrared range”, International Journal on Technical and Physical Problems of Engineering, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 11-16, 2014.
  • Seifouri, et al.” Simulation of the Optimized Structure of a Laterally Coupled Distributed Feedback (LC-DFB) Semiconductor Laser Above Threshold” ETASR, Vol.3, No.5, Oct. 2013, pp.522-525
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  • Seifouri, et al. “Design of multi-layer optical fibers with ring refractive index to reduce dispersion and increase bandwidth in broadband optical networks” ETASR, Vol.2, No.3, 2012, pp.216-220

Research Projects


TitleProject LeaderYearComments
1Design and simulation of an Optical Filter using Ring resonator for employing in photonic crystal based optical DMUXSeifouri1396 Finished
2All-Optical switches based on photonic crystal ring resonatorSeifouri1396 Finished
3Design & construction of a concentration meter using visible light and AVR microcontroller  Seifouri1392 Finished
4Design & construction of a multipurpose robot by using AVR microcontroller    Seifouri1391 Finished
5Design & construction of a data transmission system using laser beam Seifouri1390 Finished
6Study & investigation of optical networks for design purposesSeifouri1390 Finished



  • Optoelectronic Devices and Systems (Translation, 2 books). Published by Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University Press, 1389
  • Optoelectronics (Translation). Published by Iran University of Science & Technology Press, 1378


Courses Taught

1Theory & technology of semiconductor devices fabricationElectrical Engineering1386Up until now
2Fiber opticsElectrical Engineering1386Up until now
3Physics of electronicsElectrical Engineering1386Up until now
4ElectronicsElectrical Engineering1386Up until now
5Optical networksElectrical Engineering1386Up until now