Fatemeh Geran Gharakhili

Assistant professor

  • Email: F.geran @ sru.ac.ir
  • Telephone: 00982122970060 (2545)
  • Fax: 00982122970006
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Communication Engineering Group
Fatemeh Geran

Fatemeh Geran

Research Interests:

1Antenna and Wave Propagation
2Design RF and Microwave Circuits
3Numerical Methods in Electromagnetic

Educational Background

1Ph.D. In TelecommunicationUniversity of Tarbiat Modares2008
2M.Sc. In TelecommunicationUniversity of Tarbiat Modares2002
3B.Sc. In TelecommunicationUniversity of Tehran2009

Professional Background

1Faculty memberIslamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran2010-2012
Faculty memberShahid Rajaee Teacher Training University2012-Now

Membership of Scientific Societies

SocietyplaceMembership Date
1Member of Iranian Scientific Society of Engineering ElectromagneticsIran(2013 – Now)

Referee for Journals

1Journal of Progress in Electromagnetic Research The Electromagnetics Academy OFFICE, USA(2012-Now)
2Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions of Electrical EngineeringShiraz University- Shiraz- Iran(2016-Now)

Journal Papers

TitleAuthorsjournalpublish yearComments
10Design of LPF with UW stopband and sharp roll-off rate using transfer function analysisAli Vaezi, Fatemeh GeranElectronics Letters vol. 54, no.4, February 2018.Published
9Completely Independent Multi-Ultra-wide-band and Multi-Dual-Band Frequency Reconfigurable Annular Sector Slot AntennaMohsen Gholamrezaei, Fatemeh Geran, R.A. SadeghzadehEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation vol. 65, February 2017.Published
8Effect of photonic crystal and frequency selective surface implementation on gain enhancement in the microstrip patch antenna at terahertz frequencyNejati; R. Sadeghzadeh, F.GeranPhysics B: Condensed Mattervol. 449, September 2014.Published
7Modified Broadband Half-Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide Cruciform CouplerMansouri, M. Kishihara, F. B. Zarrabi, F. GeranApplied Computational Electromagnetics Society Journalvol.29, no.11, 2014.Published
6Design and Fabrication of Dual-Band Broadband Monopulse Antenna for X-bandM. Torkamani, Fatemeh Geran, and M. Naser-MoghadasiInternational Journal of Science and Engineering Investigations vol. 2, issue 20, September 2013. Published
5Broadband CPW-fed circularly polarized square slot antenna with Arc-shaped and Inverted-L grounded stripsMousazadeh, M. Naser-Moghaddasi, F. Geran, S. Mohammadi, and P. ZibadoostApplied Computational Electromagnetics Society Journalvol. 28, no. 4, April 2013.Published
4A novel design of reconfigurable monopole antenna for UWB applicationsNasser Ojaroudi, Shervin Amiri, and Fatemeh GeranApplied Computational Electromagnetics Society Journalvol. 28, no. 7, July 2013.Published
3Design of compact CPW-FED monopole antenna for WLAN/WiMAX application using a pair of F-shaped slits on the patchAmin Moradhesari. Naser Moghadasi, Fateme Geran GharakhiliMicrowave and Optical Technology Lettersvol.55, no.10, July 2013.Published
2Compact ultra wideband bandpass filter with two notch-bands using asymmetric parallel-coupled lines and U-shaped defected ground structureNaser Moghadasi, Nasim Mirzababaee, Fatemeh Geran, S. Ahmad OlamaeiInternational Journal on Communications Antenna and Propagationvol.2, no.2, April 2012.Published
1Band-notched small monopole antenna using triple E-shaped structures for UWB systemsOjaroudi, Sh. Amiri, F. Geran, and M. OjaroudiApplied Computational Electromagnetics Society Journalvol. 27, no.12,  December 2012.Published

Conference Papers


17December 2017Smart Grid Conference 2017TehranDesign and Simulation of Ion Cyclotron Resonance Heating (ICRH) Antenna for ITERSamaneh Abbasi, Fatemeh Geran, Ahmad Salaelahi, Abdoreza Kiani
16March 2017 5th Iranian National Conference on Engineering ElectromagneticTehranDesign of Riblet Waveguide Directional Coupler for W-band ApplicationsFatemeh Geran, Seyyed Kazem Khatami
15February 20173th Iranian Conference on Communication EngineeringTehranCompact Low-pass Filter Wide-Stop Band and High Suppression FactorAli Vaezi, Fatemeh Geran
14September 2016International Symposium on Telecommunications (IST2016)TehranA Low power UWB CMOS Low Noise Amplifier for 3.1-10.6 GHz in ReceiversAmir Mahdavi, Fatemeh Geran
13September 2016International Symposium on Telecommunications (IST2016)TehranSIW Leaky Wave Antenna With Non-Uniform Transverse SlotsMaryam Azarnoush, R. Sadeghzadeh, Fatemeh Geran and M. Naser Moghaddasi
12Appril 20164th Iranian National Conference on Engineering ElectromagneticNohsharCompensation of mutual coupling in dipole antenna array  for exact estimation of signal direction of arrivalFatemeh Geran, Shahriar Shirvani Moghaddam, Mina Aghamohammadi
11March 20162th Iranian Conference on Communication EngineeringShirazDesign of Dual-band Impedance Matching Circuit by using of T-shape shunt stubHadi Andali Ali-Abadi, Fatemeh Geran
 10 March 2016 2th Iranian Conference on Communication Engineering Shiraz Radiation pattern shaping of microstrip antenna with transformation electromagnetic method Hosein Karimi, Fatemeh Geran
9August 20157th Iranian Conference on Electrical and Electronics EngineeringGonabadT-Folded substrate integrated waveguideSakineh Pouramini, Fatemeh Geran
8 January 20153 th Conference On Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz Technologies, Amir Kabir UniversityTehranNew wideband fixed phase shifter with air holes integrated in substrateBehroz Khorasani, Fatemeh Geran
7December 2014 3th Iranian National Conference on Engineering ElectromagneticTehranInvestigation of signal diffraction in the store environment at 60 GHzA. Azizian, F. Geran, Sh. Shirvanimoghaddam
6Agust 2014Majlesi Conference on Electrical EngineeringEsfahanSubstrate integrated waveguide shape parabolic phase shifterHamed Kouhestani, Fatemeh Geran
5April 2014 The 8th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP  2014) NetherlandsA dual ultra-wide band frequency reconfigurable antenna with a low bandwidth of overlap Mohsen Golamrezaei, Fatemeh Geran, R. Ali Sadeghzadeh
4November 201220th Telecommunications forum TELFOR 2012Serbia, BelgradeA novel and compact monopole antenna with band-stop performance for UWB applicationsSh.Amiri, N. Ojaroudi, F. Geran, and M. Ojaroudi
3November 201220th Telecommunications forum TELFOR 2012Serbia, BelgradeOmni-Directional/multi-resonance monopole antenna for microwave imaging systemsOjaroudi, M. Ojaroudi, F. Geran, and Sh. Amiri
2November 201220th Telecommunications forum TELFOR 2012Serbia, BelgradeReconfigurable monopole antenna with controllable band-notched performance for UWB communicationsOjaroudi, Sh. Amiri, and F. Geran
1November 201220th Telecommunications forum TELFOR 2012Serbia, BelgradeBand-notched small microstrip slot antenna by using parasitic structures inside the slots for UWB applicationsOjaroudi, N. Ojaroudi, Sh. Amiri, and F. Geran

Courses Taught

caption (For B.S.)Start YearEnd Year
1Engineering Electromagnetic2010Now
2Communication I2010Now
3Signal and Systems2010Now
4Field & Waves2013Now
5Basic of Electrical Engineering2010Now
6Circuit Laboratory2010Now

caption (For M.S. & P.h.D)
 1Advanced Mathematical Engineering2010Now
2Microwave II2012Now
3Antenna II2012Now
4Advanced Electromagnetic2012Now
5Fiber Optics2011Now
6Phased Array Antenna20102012
7High Frequency Circuit Design2010Now
8Microstrip Antenna2011Now