Nasour Bagheri

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering


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Research Interests:

Network Security

Educational Background

Ph.D. In Electrical EngineeringIran University of Science and Engineering2010
M.Sc. In Electrical EngineeringIran University of Science and Engineering2002
Ph.D. In Electrical EngineeringUniversity of Mazandaran2000

Professional Background

Faculty membersrttu2010-Now


Membership of Scientific Societies

Iranian society of cryptologyIran(2007 – Now)


Referee for Journals

International Journal of Communication SystemsJohn Wiley & Sons(2012-Now)
Electronic IndustriesSairan(2014-Now)
The ISC International Journal of Information SecurityTehran(2013-Now)
Security and Communication NetworksJohn Wiley & Sons(2012-Now)



Best Teacher, SRTTU, 2013
Best Researcher, SRTTU, 2014
Distinguished Researcher, SRTTU, 2014

Journal Papers

TitleAuthorsjournalpublish yearCommentsPdf
MulticollisionAttack on a Recently Proposed Hash Function vMDC-2


Z.Zolfaghari, H.Asadollahi, N.Bagheri
Journal Of Computing And Security


On the Security of Permutation Based Authentication Protocols forS. Rostampour, N. Bagheri, M. Hosseinzadeh, A.Khademzadeh
Journal Of Computing And Security


 A secure search protocol for lightweight and low-cost RFID systemsM. Eslamnezhad Namin

M. Hosseinzadeh,

N. Bagheri,

A. Khademzadeh



Improved Zero-Correlation and Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of Reduced-round SIMECK Block Cipher


 S. Sadeghi, N. Bagheri IET Information Security 2018
A Scalable and Lightweight Grouping Proof Protocol for Internet of Things Applications


 S. Rostampour, N. Bagheri, M. Hosseinzadeh, A.KhademzadehJOURNAL OF SUPERCOMPUTING


Invariant object recognition is a personalized selection of invariant features in humans not simply explained by hierarchical feed-forward vision models


H. Karimi Rouzbahani,N. Bagheri, R. EbrahimpourScientific Reports


Cryptanalysis of reduced QTL block cipher


S.Sadeghi, N. Bagheri, M. AhmedAbdelraheemMICROPROCESSORS AND MICROSYSTEMS


Hard-wired feed-forward visual mechanisms of the brain compensate for affine variations in object recognition


 H. Karimi Rouzbahani,N. Bagheri, R. Ebrahimpour NEUROSCIENCE 2017
Average activity but not variability is the dominant factor in the representation of object categories in the brain


 H. Karimi Rouzbahani,N. Bagheri, R. Ebrahimpour NEUROSCIENCE 2017
توانايي مسير پيشرو قشر بينايي در مقابله با تغييرات در بازشناسي اشيا آزمايشهاي انساني و مدل محاسباتي سازگار با قشر بينايي


 H. Karimi Rouzbahani,N. Bagheri, R. Ebrahimpourماشين بينايي و پردازش تصوير


An authenticated encryption based grouping proof protocol for RFID systems


 S. Rostampour, N. Bagheri, M. Hosseinzadeh, A.KhademzadehSecurity and Communication Networks


تحليل خطي خودكار طرح رمزنگاري احراز اصالت شده NORX


 S. Sadeghi, F. Pirmoradian, N. Bagheriصنايع الكترونيك


حمله ي بومرنگ ناممكن كليدمرتبط روي دور كاهش يافته ي رمز بلوكي Simon32/64


F. Azimi, N.Bagheriصنايع الكترونيك2016
يك پروتكل احراز اصالت جديد در سيستم هاي RFID بر مبناي ماتريس


 F.Baghernejad, S.F.Aghili, N.Bagheriصنايع الكترونيك


معرفي حمله بدهبستان زمان-حافظه (TMTO) بر توابع چكيدهساز


 Z.Zolfaghari, N.Bagheri امنيت فضاي توليد و تبادل اطلاعات 2016
An improved low-cost yoking proof protocol based

on Kazahaya’s flaw



N. Bagheri

· M. Safkhani

M. Eslamnezhad Namin

S. Rostampour

 Journal of Supercomputing 2017
 On the Security of Two Ownership Transfer Protocols and Their Improvements Nasour Bagheri, Seyed Aghili, and Masoumeh Safkhani International Arab Journal of Information Technology 2017
 On the security of an  RFID based parking lot management system M. SafkhaniM. Hosseinzadeh,

M. Eslamnezhad NaminS. Rostampour,

Nasour Bagheri

 International Journal of Communication Systems 2017
 Passive secret disclosure attack on an ultralightweight authentication protocol for Internet of Things Masoumeh Safkhani, Nasour Bagheri Journal of Supercomputing 2017
 A note on the security of two improved RFID protocols Masoumeh Safkhani, Nasour Bagheri ISeCure, Vol. 8, No. 2, 2016. 2016
 On the (Im)Possibility of Receiving Security Beyond 2l Using an l-Bit PRNG M. SafkhaniM. Hosseinzadeh,

M. Eslamnezhad NaminS. Rostampour,

Nasour Bagheri

  Wireless Personal Communications, 92(4), 1591-1597,2017. 2017
Building indifferentiable compression functions from the PGV compression functions.Praveen Gauravaram, Nasour Bagheri, Lars R. KnudsenDes. Codes Cryptography201678(2): 547-581pdf
Weaknesses of fingerprint-based mutual authentication protocol.Pablo Picazo-Sanchez, Lara Ortiz-Martin, Pedro Peris-Lopez, Nasour BagheriSecurity and Communication Networks20158(12): 2124-2134pdf
On the Designing of EPC C1 G2 Authentication protocol using AKARI-1 and AKARI-2 PRNGs.Nasour Bagheri, Fatemeh Baghernejhad, Masoumeh SafkhaniITC201544(1): 41-53pdf
A note on the security of IS-RFID, an inpatient medication safety.Masoumeh Safkhani, Nasour Bagheri, Majid NaderiI. J. Medical Informatics201483(1): 82-85pdf
On the security of RFID anti-counting security protocol (ACSP).  Masoumeh Safkhani, Nasour Bagheri, Ali MahaniJ. Computational Applied Mathematics 2014 259: 512-521 pdf
Cryptanalysis of the Cho et al. protocol: A hash-based RFID tag mutual authentication protocol. Masoumeh Safkhani, Pedro Peris-Lopez, Julio César Hernández Castro, Nasour Bagheri  J. Computational Applied Mathematics 2014 259: 571-577 pdf
 : Cryptanalysis of a new EPC class-1 generation-2 standard compliant RFID protocol. Nasour Bagheri, Masoumeh Safkhani, Majid Naderi Neural Computing and Applications 2014 24(3-4): 799-805 pdf
13Weaknesses in a new ultralightweight RFID authentication protocol with permutation – RAPP Nasour Bagheri, Masoumeh Safkhani, Pedro Peris-Lopez, Juan E. Tapiador Security and Communication Networks 2014 7(6): 945-949 pdf
 New differential fault analysis on PRESENT Nasour Bagheri, Reza Ebrahimpour, Navid Ghaedi EURASIP J. Adv. Sig. Proc. 2013  2013: 145 pdf
Comments on “Security Improvement of an RFID Security Protocol of ISO/IEC WD 29167-6”. Nasour Bagheri, Masoumeh Safkhani, Pedro Peris-Lopez, Juan E. Tapiador  IEEE Communications Letters 2013 17(4): 805-807 pdf
Differential fault analysis on PRINTcipher  Nasour Bagheri, Reza Ebrahimpour, Navid Ghaedi IET Networks 2013  2(1) pdf
Two RFID Standard-based Security Protocols for Healthcare Environments.  Pablo Picazo-Sanchez, Nasour Bagheri, Pedro Peris-Lopez, Juan E. TapiadorJ. Medical Systems 2013 37(5): 9962 pdf
Multiple classifier system for EEG signal classification with application to brain-computer interfaces. Amir Ahangi, Mehdi Karamnejad, Nima Mohammadi, Reza Ebrahimpour, Nasour Bagheri Neural Computing and Applications 2013 23(5): 1319-1327 pdf
Strengthening the Security of EPC C-1 G-2 RFID StandardMasoumeh Safkhani, Nasour Bagheri, Majid Naderi Wireless Personal Communications 2013 72(2): 1295-1308 pdf
The suffix-free-prefix-free hash function construction and its indifferentiability security analysisNasour Bagheri, Praveen Gauravaram, Lars R. Knudsen, Erik Zenner  Int. J. Inf. Sec.2012 11(6): 419-434 pdf
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 Cryptanalysis of AFMAP Masoumeh Safkhani, Majid Naderi, Nasour Bagheri  IEICE Electronic Express 2010 7(17): 1240-1245pdf
EPC: A Provably Secure Permutation Based Compression FunctionNasour Bagheri, Praveen Gauravaram, Majid Naderi, Babak SadeghiyanIEICE Transactions201092-A(12): 3401-3403pdf
Hash Functions and Information Theoretic SecurityNasour Bagheri, Lars R. Knudsen, Majid Naderi, Søren S. Thomsen IEICE Transactions200993-A(10): 1833-1836pdf
Cryptanalysis of an iterated halving-based hash function: CRUSH.Nasour Bagheri, Matt Henricksen, Lars R. Knudsen, Majid Naderi, B. SadeghyianIET Information Security 2009 3(4): 129-138pdf


Conference Papers

RowDateConference titlePlace


Paper titleAuthors
 2015كنفرانس بينايي ماشين و پردازش تصوير ايران


مقايسه توانايي بازشناسي اشيا بر روي پس زمينه در مواجهه با تغييرات مختلف در انسان و مدل نوين قشر بينايي


A.Akhavanpour, H.Karimirozbahani,



IEEE2017International ISC (Iranian Society of Cryptology) Conference on Information Security and Cryptology (ISCISC)ISCISC2017Shiraz-IranAnalysis of a Distance Bounding Protocol for

Verifying the Proximity of Two-Hop Neighbors

Hoda Jannati, Nasour Bagheri, Masoumeh Safkhani

1.       RFIDSec 2016: 12th Workshop on RFID and IoT Security( 30 November-2 December 2016)


Security Analysis of Niu et al. Authentication and Ownership Management Protocol

Masoumeh Safkhani, Hoda Jannati and Nasour Bagheri



IndiaLinear cryptanalysis of reduced-round SIMECK variants
Improved linear cryptanalysis of reduced-round SIMON-32 and SIMON-48
Mohamed Ahmed Abdelraheem, Javad Alizadeh, Hoda A Alkhzaimi, Mohammad Reza Aref, Nasour Bagheri, Praveen Gauravaram
LNCS2014RFIDSec 2014Oxford, UKCryptanalysis of SIMON Variants with Connections.Javad Alizadeh, Hoda AlKhzaimi, Mohammad Reza Aref, Nasour Bagheri, Praveen Gauravaram, Abhishek Kumar, Martin M. Lauridsen, Somitra Kumar Sanadhya
 ISC20147th International Conference on Information Security and Cryptology (ISCTURKEY 2014), pp. 1-4, 2014.Istanbul- TurkeyEmploying a Secure Cipher Does not Guarantee the Security of RFID ProtocolsMasoumehSafkhani, Nasour Bagheri, Pedro Peris-Lopez, Juan M. E. Tapiador,
 ISC20147th International Conference on Information Security and Cryptology, (ISCTURKEY 2014), pp. 1-4, 2014.Istanbul- TurkeyOn the security of Lo et al.’s ownership transfer protocolNasour Bagheri, Pedro MasoumehSafkhani
 LNCS2013RFIDsec2013 .Graz, AustriaThe Resistance to Intermittent Position Trace Attacks and Desynchronization Attacks (RIPTA-DA) Protocol Is Not RIPTA-DA”,N. Bagheri, P. Gauravaram, M. Safkhani, and S. Kumar Sanadhya
 LNCS2013RFIDsec 2013.Graz, AustriaOn the Security of two RFID Mutual Authentication Protocols,S. F. Aghili, N. Bagheri, P. Gauravaram, M. Safkhani, and S. Kumar Sanadhya
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 ISC2012.ICACM’12, 2012.Ankara, TurkeyOn the Security of RFID Anti Counting Security Protocol (ACSP)N. Bagheri, M. Safkhani, M. Naderi, A. Mahani
 ISC2012ICACM’12, 2012.Ankara, TurkeyCryptanalysis of Cho et al.’s Protocol, A Hash-Based Mutual Authentication Protocol for RFID SystemsM. Safkhani, P. Peris-Lopez, J. César Hernández Castro, Nasour Bagheri, M. Naderi,
 LNCS2012RFIDsec 2012, pp. 1-19, 2012.NetherlandsOn the Security of Tan et al. Serverless RFID Authentication and Search ProtocolsM. Safkhani, P. Peris-Lopez, N. Bagheri, M. Naderi, J. Cesar Hernandez-Castro
 LNCS2012WISTP, pp. 29-37, 2012.London, UKAnother Fallen Hash-Based RFID Authentication ProtocolJ.César Hernández Castro, P. Peris-Lopez, M. Safkhani, N. Bagheri,M. Naderi
 LNCS2012DPM 2011 and SETOP 2011, Volume of 7122 of LNCS, pp. 90-103, 2012.BelgiumOn the Security of Mutual Authentication Protocols for RFID Systems: The Case of Wei et al.’s ProtocolM. Safkhani, N. Bagheri, S. K. Sanadhya, M. Naderi and H. Behnam
 IEEE20116th International Conference on Internet Technology and Secured Transactions, pp. 689-694, 11-14 December 2011, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 2011.Abu Dhabi, EmiratesSecurity Analysis of LMAP++, an RFID Authentication ProtocolM. Safkhani, N. Bagheri, M. Naderi, Somitra Kumar Sanadhya,
20116th International Conference on Internet Technology and Secured Transactions, pp. 500-503, 11-14 December 2011, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,2011.Abu Dhabi, EmiratesVulnerabilities in a new RFID Access Control ProtocolM. Safkhani, N. Bagheri, M. Naderi,
 IEEE2011ARES 2011, pp.581-584, 2011.ا Vienna, AustriaTag Impersonation Attack on Two RFID Mutual Authentication ProtocolsM. Safkhani, N. Bagheri, M. Naderi, Y. Luo, Q. Chai
 LNCSDecember 12-14, 2010CANSKuala Lumpur, Malaysia, On the Collision and Preimage Resistance of Certain Two-Call Hash FunctionsNasour Bagheri, Praveen Gauravaram, Majid Naderi, Søren S. Thomsen
July 26-29, 2008SECRYPTPorto, Portugal,Multi-Collisions Attack in Ring Hash StructureNasour Bagheri, Babak Sadeghiyan, Majid Naderi
2009ICEE 2009.Tehran, IranCryptanlysis of the L-pipe Hash StructureN. Bagheri, M. Naderi, M. Safkhani
2008CSICC 2008.(in Persian).Kish Island, IranCryptanlysis of AHS-AES Hash Structure. N. Bagheri, M. Naderi, B. Sadeghiyan, M. Safkhani




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