UNESCO Kalinga Prize for the Popularization of Science

An international distinction awarding outstanding contributions of individuals in communicating science to society and promoting the popularization of science. By bridging the gap between science and society the benefits of scientific knowledge can be used to improve daily lives, empower people and find solutions to global, regional and local challenges. In order to strengthen communication […]

Nominate colleagues for AMS prizes and awards

Celebrate excellence in mathematics scholarship, education, and outreach by nominating colleagues for upcoming prizes and awards. Nominations are open today through June 30, 2021. Winners will be recognized at the 2022 Joint Mathematics Meetings in January. The AMS is proud to announce its newest prize, the Ciprian Foias Prize in Operator Theory, which will be awarded […]

Concluding a MOU with Sports Sciences Research Institute

According to the Manager of the International Scientific & Cooperation Office, in order to develop and strengthen cooperation and joint scientific, educational, and research activities and its promotion and continuation, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Sports Sciences Research Institute and SRTT University. Dr. Hamidreza Azemati, president of SRTT University, and Dr. Ali Sharif-Nezhaad, […]

Fajr decade

The Fajr decade is a ten-day celebration of Ruhollah Khomeini’s return to Iran in 1979. The annual celebration is held between 1 and 11 February. Its beginning coincides with the date of Khomeini’s arrival and its ending with the Iranian Revolution; a day called the Islamic Revolution’s Victory Day or 22 of Bahman.

Iranian FARAB Companie’s project among 4 selected tunneling projects of the world in 2020

According to the International Tunneling and Underground Space Association (ITA), the UMA OYA multi-purpose project implemented by the Iranian company Farab was placed among the four selected projects in the 50 to 500 million euro projects category in 2020. In this project, Dr. Nourzad, Dean of the Faculty of Civil, Water and Environmental Engineering of […]

Iranian Universities Appear in Various Rankings in the World

With a scientific publication growth rate of 10.4 percent in 2019, Iran ranked second among the top 25 countries in the world, next to China with a growth rate of 12.9 percent, according to the Web of Science website. In 2000, Iran’s share of scientific productivity was only 0.1 percent, while in 2019 reached about […]

6 scientists from SRTTU in world’s top 2 percent scientists’ list by Stanford University

At least 6 scientists from the Shahid Rajaee University have figured among the top two percent scientists in a global list compiled by the prestigious Standford University. The US-based Stanford University has recently released a list that represents the top 2 percent of the most-cited scientists in various disciplines. “The list includes the name of […]

By Seyyed Mostafa Mousavi Sabet Artists criticize Iran’s multinational sharing of UNESCO Persian painting file

During its meeting last week, UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage inscribed the art of miniature as a common item between Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Uzbekistan on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Mohammad-Baqer Aqamiri, a prominent Iranian artist who has been working on Persian painting […]

Efficient membrane desalination system for the treatment of water at Arak University

Department of Chemical Engineering of Arak University succeeded in designing a protein membrane to desalinate seawater. In this regard, Dr. Reza Davarnejad said: “Molecular dynamics simulation is important in the design of protein membranes.” Applying this method can trace the dynamics of nanoparticles and save the exorbitant costs of designing and fabricating membranes on a […]