Peyman Naderi

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Area of Interest

 ۱ Electrical Machines
۲ Power System Dynamic
۳ Dynamic Systems Modeling

Referee for Journals

۱ IEEE Journals and conferences (۲۰۰۵-Now)
۲ Iranian Journals ۲۰۱۰
۳ IET Journals ۲۰۱۱


Journal Papers

P. Naderi, F. Fallahi,”Eccentricity fault diagnosis in three-phase-wound-rotor induction machine using numerical discrete modeling method“, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NUMERICAL MODELLING: ELECTRONIC NETWORKS, DEVICES AND FIELDS, Wiley, vol.27, 2016.

P. Naderi, “Inter-turn short-circuit fault detection in saturable squirrel-cage induction motor using magnetic equivalent circuit model“, The International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, COMPEL, vol.35, 2016.

P. Naderi, “Torque/current spectral analysis for healthy and eccentricity faulty synchronous reluctance machine using mathematical modeling“, INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRICAL ENERGY SYSTEMS-Wiley, vol.26, 2016.

P. Naderi, A. Shiri, “Torque/current spectral analysis for healthy and eccentricity faulty synchronous reluctance machine using mathematical modeling“, ACES JOURNAL, vol.30, 2015.

P. Naderi, “Eccentricity Fault Diagnosis and Torque Ripple Analysis of a Four-pole Synchronous Reluctance Machine in Healthy and Faulty Conditions“, Electric Power Components and Systems-Francis and Tylor, vol.43, 2015

P. Naderi, Slot Numbering and Distributed Winding Effects Analysis on the Torque/Current Spectrum of Threephase Wound-rotor Induction Machine Using Discrete Modeling Method, Electric Power Components and Systems-Francis and Tylor, vol.43, 2015

P. Naderi, “Distributed Generation, Using Battery/Photovoltaic System: Modeling and Simulation With Relative Controller Design”, Journal of Solar Energy Engineering-ASME, vol. 135, May 2013. vol.43, 2015.

P. Naderi, M. Azizianfard, “ A Fuel Cell/Battery Hybrid Vehicle Modeling and Power Management/Regenerative Braking Controller Design“, Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology-ASME, vol. 10, February 2013.

P. Naderi, A. Farhadi, “ NON-DRIVEN WHEELS APPLICATION FOR INTELLIGENT MULTI-OBJECTIVE CONTROL OF HYBRID VEHICLES“, International Journal of Robotics and Automation-ACTAPRESS, vol.27, 2012

۱۰ A novel controlling method for the superconducting magnetic energy
storage system as a distributed generation source; full modelling,
design and simulation
P. NaderiM. R. Alizadeh International Journal of Sustainable
Energy- Francis and Tylor
Vol. 33March 2013 Scopus
۱۱ A novel structure proposal for distributed generation
using SMES and PV system with relative controllers
P. NaderiF. Fallahi Energy Systems-Springer Vol. 62014 Scopus
۱۲ Intelligent braking system for stability enhancement
of vehicle braking, using fuzzy logic controllers
P. NaderiS. Sharouni Int. J. Vehicle Safety-Inderscience Vol. 6, No. 4, 2013 Scopus
۱۳ Driving/regeneration and stability enhancement
of 4WD hybrid vehicles, using multi-stage fuzzy
P. NaderiZ. Salarvand Int. J. Vehicle Safety-Inderscience Vol. 7, No. 2, 2014 Scopus
P. NaderiR. Ghandehari International Journal of Modelling and Simulation-Fancis and Tylor Vol. 33, No. 1, 2013 Scopus

Conference Papers

[۱]-P.Naderi, A. Dolatshah, “Eccentricity Fault Detection of A Salient-Pole Synchronous Machine Using Modified Winding Function Approaches and Finite Element Method, 7th PEDSTC Conference, 2016.

[۲]- A. Farhadi, H. Bakhtiari, P. Naderi, “MODELING AND SIMULATION OF FUELCELL/ BATTERY HYBRID VEHICLE AND POWER MANAGEMENT CNTROLLER DESIGN”, ۶th Iranian Fuel cell seminar. Tehran, 2013.
[۳]- P. Naderi, S. Sharooni, “Eccentricity Fault Diagnosis Studying for a Round Rotor Synchronous Machine”, ۳۰th Iranian international conference of Electrical Engineering (PSC 2015).
[۴]- P. Naderi, “Saturable Cage-Rotor Induction Machine Modeling by Nonlinear Magnetic Equivalent Circuit Method”, ۴۲th IEEE conference (IECON), 2016, Italy.

 ۱- Optimal Placement of capacitor compensator in AZNA feeders

۲- Modeling and Simulation of Coil Gan

۳- Distributed Generation using SMES


There is no written book

Courses Taught

Electrical Machines
Power System Analysis
Electrical Circuits and Sustems
Power System Dynamics and Control