Amir Abedi

Assistant Professor

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  • Telephone: 009821229700-60
  • Fax: 00982122970033
  • Department of Metallurgy


1Research Interests:

1structure control of metals
2casting and solidification
3heat treatment of steel

Educational Background

Ph.D.Hokkaido University1997
M.Sc.Sharif University1991

published Papers:

  1. Marashi P, Pouranvari M, Amirabdollahian S, Abedi A, Goodarzi M, Microstructure and failure behaviour of dissimilar resistance spot welds between austenitic stainless and galvanized low carbon steels, Materials Science and Engineering A, 480 (2008),175-180
  2. Marashi, M. Pouranvari, S. M. H. Sanaee, A. Abedi, H. Abootalebi, M. Goodarzi,” Relationship between Failure Behavior and Weld Fusion Zone Attributes of Austenitic Stainless Steel Resistance Spot Welds” Material Science and Technology, 2007, (Article in press), DOI 10.1179/174328408X262418.
  3. Pouranvari, A. Abedi, P. Marashi, M. Goudarzi, “Effect of expulsion on peak load and energy absorption of low carbon resistance spot welds”, Science and Technology of Welding and Joining, 13(2008), 39-43
  4. Masayuki Kudoh, Amir Abedi, and Yuichi Itoh,” Effect of intrinsic factors on primary dendrite arm spacing in Ni-base binary alloys”, International Journal of Cast Metals Res., Vol.15, No. 4, 2002, pp. 367-370
  5. Pouranvari, P. Marashi, M. Goodarzi, A Abedi, “An Analytical Model Predicting Failure Mode of Resistance Spot Welds”, Metal 2008 – 13-15.05.2008 – Czech Republic (Conference) 2008
  6. Narges Asadpoor Chaloo, Pirooz Marashi, Babak Akbari, Amir Abedi,” Measuring particle size and particle size distribution by x-ray diffraction methods for nanocrystalline alumina powders” Physica Status Solidi (a)
  7. Daavood Mirahmadi Khaki, Abbas Akabarzadeh, Amir Abedi, Alireza Eftekhari, Mohammad Kazem Kouroshfa,” Coiling Temperature Effect on Formability of Nb-Microalloyed Steel Sheets” Coiling Temperature Effect on Formability of Nb-Microalloyed Steel Sheets”, steel research int. 81 (2010) No. 9, pp. 142-145
  8. Seyyed Reza Ebrahimpour, Amir Abedi, Majid Abbasi, and Mohammad Reza Alizadeh,” Effect of Different Austempering Temperatures on Wear Properties of Ductile Iron”, Tech J Engin & App Sci., 3 (7): 553-561, 2013
  9. S P H Marashi, A Abedi, S Kaviani, S H Aboutalebi, M Rainforth, and H A Davies5, “Effect of melt-spinning roll speed on the nanostructure and magnetic properties of stoichiometric and near stoichiometric Nd–Fe–B alloy ribbons”, Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 42 (2009) 115410 (8pp)
  10. Daavood Mirahmadi Khakia and Amir Abedi, “Effect of Controlled Hot Rolling Parameters on Microstructure of a Nb-Microalloyed Steel Sheet”,AMPT2010, pp. 69-74
  11. Daavood Mirahmadi Khaki, Abbas Akbarzadeh, Amir Abedi, “Effect of Finishing Temperature on Mechanical Properties of a Nb-Microalloyed Steel Sheet” Advanced Materials Research Vols. 129-131 (2010) pp 1022-1028
  12. Abedi, S.P.H.Marashi, b, K.Sohrabi, M.Marvastian and S.M.H.Mirbagheri, “THE EFFECT OF HEAT TREATMENT PARAMETERS ON MICROSTRUCTURE AND TOUGHNESS OF AUSTEMPERED DUCTILEIRON (ADI)”, Advanced Materials Research Vols. 264-265 (2011) pp 409-414
  13. Rajabi, A. Abedi, Gh. Ebrahimi, ”  Study on Static Recrystallization Process in Duplex Stainless Steel 2205”,  International Journal of ISSI, Vol.8 (2011), No.2, pp.20-23
  14. Abedi, M. Shahmiri, B. Amir Esgandari, B. Nami, “Microstructural Evolution during Partial Remelting of Al-Si Alloys Containing Different Amounts of Magnesium”, J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 2013, 29(10), 971e978
  15. AMIR ESGANDARI, B. NAMI, M. SHAHMIRI1, A. ABEDI, “Effect of Mg and semi solid processing on microstructure and impression creep properties of A356 alloy”, Trans. Nonferrous Met. Soc. China 23(2013) 2518−2523
  16. Sajjadi-Nikoo, M. Pouranvari, A. Abedi & A. A. Ghaderi, “In situ postweld heat treatment of transformation induced plasticity steel resistance spot welds” SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF WELDING AND JOINING, 2017



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